Monday, June 16, 2008

Newest Baby Pictures!!!

On June 11th we had another ultrasound. This one was at our Dr.'s office and it was very lengthy! They did a lot of diagnostic observations and everything looks great. Her heart, kidneys, diaphragm, spine, lips, etc. all look perfect! And yes, they said it was a girl too so we figure it is pretty safe to assume we are having a girl. Jarod and I are busy trying to figure out where to put everything. We are busy painting and remodeling (very, very slowly). We have purchased a changing table, just waiting for it to arrive, so we have a place to put all of the things we are buying and getting as gifts. I keep telling Jarod our baby is going to have red hair but he doesn't believe it!


Here is Jarod at his graduation. His mom flew down for a fast trip to come and celebrate with us. We are so excited that Jarod is almost done with school (he has a few night classes left).
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