Monday, November 8, 2010

What we have been up to

The moment everyone has been waiting for is here-a blog update.
I put this on Belle's head once and she thought it was funny and kept doing it.

Belle is crawling all over the place and standing up on everything she can get her hands on.

Her hair is finally getting long enough for a ponytail! Here is her first ever ponytail. She looks so big in this picture! At her 9 month checkup she was 18 lbs 11 oz. She is still in the 10% for height (don't remember the measurement) and she has moved up to the 40% for weight (she is a great eater!). She has 2 teeth on the bottom and we are thinking another tooth is going to poke through soon.

We have also been spending a bunch of time with family lately. My dad's younger sister and all her family came from Arizona for Halloween weekend. It was so fun to see all of them and show them life in the country. We also got to participate in the famous Ford Halloween/Cider extravaganza (my father's older sister and her family). They all come to Quincy and have a big cider pressing party followed by a Halloween party-complete with games and a spook alley. Belle didn't even cry in the spook alley-such a brave girl. Just this last weekend all of Jarod's family came to Quincy do enjoy the farm life as well: shooting, apples, pressing cider, and four wheelers of course. We loved having everyone here and hope it becomes an annual thing!

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Cute pics

Belle loves her daddy. She can't get enough of Jarod and cries when he puts her down and leaves for work.

She can be so smiley and giggly.

The bunny slippers crack me up.
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For Halloween we were a bear family (Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and baby bear). Here is Belle modeling a pair of bear ears I made for Jarod and me.

She did not like the hood of her costume when I first put it on.

She eventually warmed up. She was so cute and cuddly in this little costume.
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Hope's 2nd Birthday

It's hard to believe that my little baby would have been 2 years old. I still think about her every second of every day and miss her more and more. She would have been so different now than the baby in our pictures.

The little half green half orange gourd was our favorite.

Grandma sharing cupcakes with Belle (she kind of liked it)
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