Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Apologize

I want to apologize up front to all of our friends and family in Utah-Jarod and I have moved. We don't want to seem as if we just picked up and left in the night but that is kind of what happened. Jarod and I have been thinking about moving back to Washington for some time and Jarod's job situation was just not panning out well so we decided we needed to rent out our condo and move in with my parents while Jarod looks for another job. We wanted to have a party and invite everyone over to say goodbye and let everyone see the baby but unfortunately things didn't go according to plan. I ended up with Strep Throat last week (don't worry the baby didn't get it) and I have never felt sicker. I started on anti-biotics but things just did not get better. My throat was eventually so sore and swollen I couldn't eat or drink anymore and we finally took me to the ER to get an IV with fluids, anti-biotics, and a steriod for the swelling. Jarod had been working so hard to take care of me and the baby that he wasn't able to get things done around he house he needed to in order for us to rent the condo. So we decided to leave and bring me to Washington where I could stay with my family and recover while Jarod went back to Utah and took care of the condo and moving all our stuff up. I wanted to say goodbye to everyone so much but being so sick did not allow that and I apologize that many people haven't even seen the baby. We will be back in April for my brother Scott's wedding so we will definitely make plans to see everyone than!

Belle is doing good other than she isn't gaining weight as fast as we all would like. She still isn't back to her birth weight so we are taking her in for weekly weight checks. She gained a couple ounces between last week and this week but not as much as she should have. I am sure that all the stress over the last couple weeks has not helped her-me being so sick and dehydrated, moving to a new house, new people around, her dad not here, etc. The doctors haven't been too concerned since she is gaining weight-its just slow.