Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tiffy this is for you!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving and Hunting

So we have moved across the street from my parents into my grandparents old house. It's a 3 bedroom 3 bath house with about 2000 square feet on the main floor and a full unfinished basement. We are loving all the space. Belle finally has her own room which is nice and I have a sewing room. Jarod has a garage for all his tools and motorcycle parts. Its still really crazy with boxes everywhere but it is slowly getting there. There are a good number of things that need to be fixed up and redone but that will take time. One of the first projects to be done is working on the landscaping. Jarod has been working on the sprinklers for several weekends trying to get them in working order-he is almost done. Almost all of the shrubs and plants around the house are going to be ripped out. They have just gotten so over grown and huge that you can't even see the house and we can hardly see out the windows.

A couple of mornings ago Jarod woke up at 6 am to answer the door. He came back to bed and I asked him what he was doing and he said he heard someone knocking. Well about an hour or so later we hear the knocking on the back of the house and come to the conclusion that it must be a woodpecker. Jarod puts on a bathrobe and grabs his shotgun. A few minutes go by and I hear a gunshot followed by a yell of delight. He got the woodpecker on the first shot. (We think it was a pair though so more hunting may be in order). The woodpecker was really colorful and big (we think it was a male and his mate is still hanging around-I heard knocking early yesterday morning...)

Saturday was Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day in Quincy (that is our town festival). Here is Jarod and Belle at the parade. We say a lot of great tractors and farm equipment and there was even a group of Latin Horse riders that make their horses dance to music-they were very entertaining. Belle was so tired for a lot of the parade that she didn't know quite what to think. At the very end were the fire trucks blowing their horns and sirens and Belle got the saddest face. I had to walk away with her to get her to calm down. After the parade we enjoyed the booths, the quilt show, and some yummy BBQ-compliments of my father's Rotary Club. It was perfect weather for the day and we sure had fun.

Cannin' & Jammin'

My parents have 3 peach trees in their backyard and so we have been canning and making jam like crazy.

We made 8 quarts of freezer jam. We froze three gallon bags of peaches.

And canned 27 quarts of peaches. Nothing like a big project to break in your new kitchen.

Little swimmin' Belle

This was taken a while ago but Belle was so cute. Tiffany was in a play and had bright red lipstick on and gave Belle a good smooch on the cheek.

Here are a couple of pictures of Belle at Moses Lake. We went boating as a family a couple of times and Belle was so cute in her little swimsuit. She hated being in her floaty the first time but she warmed up to it pretty quick-maybe because we played on the ground with her in it and not in the water. At our ward pioneer day picnic she loved being in the floaty in the water so it was finally a success.

Baby Shower

A while ago I threw a baby shower for my friend Marlys Downs, she was having twins (Hesston and Iris) and it was such a fun time. She has since had the babies and they are so cute!

Here is everyone gathered around and eating. She got some really fun and cute things.

The theme was "Two Peas in a Pod" and we had cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. (The peas and pods were made out of laffy taffys)

We had some yummy things-California Citrus Salad (thanks for my sister-in-law Kellie!), rolls, meats, cheese, spinach dip, crackers, veggies and dip, fruit, and yummy punch.

We made a ton of invitations (I enlisted the help of my family to help put them together-Thanks everyone!) We made them shaped like baby onesies.