Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clara Jean!

Say Hello to Clara Jean Rollins born 2/3/13 at 11:23am, 8lbs 3oz, 20 inches long, head circumference 36 cm, chest circumference 36 cm

We are so happy to have Clara join our family, we feel very blessed that Tanya was able to avoid a C-section, won't give everyone all the details, but after having her water broken for 24 hours without enough progress, the risk of infection increases and the likelihood of needing a C-section increases also, not what we wanted. Approaching the 24 hour mark we realized a c section was the best option. We were prepped for surgery and I was putting on my scrubs when another lady came in possible needing an emergency C-section so we got pushed to the back of the line and had to wait an hour. Tanya had been dilated to 5 cm for hours with no progress, when it was our turn for surgery the Doc checked Tanya one more time and said ok, she's complete she can start pushing, everyone including the nurses did a double take, no one could process what she just said, so I asked "you mean she's dilated to 10 centimeters?" the doc said yes, so Tanya pushed for less than an hour and now we have a beautiful baby girl. Miracles happen every day!


When Clara was born she had wet lungs and she wouldn't cry to clear them out-she just kind of grunted. They had to put her on oxygen to get her oxygen levels up but after 24 hours she was doing great and they took her off of it. She had lab tests and chest x-rays done and it showed that she had an infection possibly pneumonia but the tests for pneumonia take 48-72 hours so they automatically start antibiotics even before they are sure what is wrong.  Her 48 hour test was negative and they check it again at 72 hours but the doctor said most likely it will be negative too based on the 48 hour results. Her breathing has improved and she is doing well. She has to have an IV to get antibiotics for at least 5 days since the initial lab results and chest x-rays show some build-up/infection in her lungs but we were told in the beginning her stay could have been as long as 10 days so we are happy about 5 days. All in all Clara is doing great.  The doctors all think she sounds great and is very healthy just needs to get some medications for another couple days. She is nursing like a champ and seems pretty happy (unless we are poking her for the hundredth time!). Thanks for everyone who has been thinking and praying for us-we have felt so blessed over the last few days with all that has happened despite the emotional roller coaster we have been on. 
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