Monday, March 5, 2012

Coupons and Smiles

I love couponing.  I go about once a week sometimes less.  I feel that I get so much for my time and money.  I spend about 3-4 hours a week is all and I get so much for that.  Rite Aid is one of my favorite stores. I get so much there and they are always so helpful and friendly.  Below was one of my better shopping trips.  I spent less than $3.50 for all of this stuff.  4 bottles of Old Spice body wash with a free deodorant and 15 bottles of dish soap. (please ignore the eating baby in the background!)

Belle loves all the Primary songs that we sing in Nursery or for family night.  Since learning the Smile song (if you chance to meet a frown...) she now smiles with her fingers on her face when asked to smile for a picture.  She does love to have her picture taken and always wants to see the picture after you take it.  (still in jammies with hair not done)


Here are a few of the crafts I have been working on.  Hope's shadow boxes.  I have been working on them for over 3 years.  Its been one of those projects I really struggled to get done.  Trying to work on the boxes always stressed me out and felt like such a big task to accomplish, but its finally done.  The lefts box has hand and foot prints, a lock of hair, the outfit and blanket she wore in the hospital, a big letter H, and her stats at birth.  The right top are flowers and ribbons from her casket that we put in silica gel to dry. And the bottom box are molds of her hands and feet.  I have one more box that is empty and I might add stuff to ( stuff from her service or a poem Jarod wrote for her).  I bought the two smaller boxes in a 3 pack from Michael's (we added the glass though) and Jarod built the larger one (we bought a single frame and built the box and added the glass).

I saw this on Pinterest and loved it so I made my own for Valentine's Day.  HERE is where I got the idea, mine is red instead of pink.

This is a cute plaque I made for Belle's room. I sing her Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star all the time for bed.  The letters are vinyl in Navy that I bought on clearance at a scrapbook store about 4 years ago.  I painted the board ivory and painted the decorative edge a spring green.  I put the vinyl on and sprayed the plaque with a clear varnish.  I added glitter to the stars to add a little detail. Now to figure out where to hang it...