Monday, September 23, 2013

Bath Time

Clara and Belle love bath time. I just started bathing them together and Belle thinks its so fun and Clara thinks Belle is hilarious in the tub with her.

Cute turtle jammies for my girls.

This is usually what we get from Belle when we tell her to smile-isn't it lovely.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More swimming fun

At the lake this summer we had a few new activities.

After a few unfortanate accidents we have retired the excavotor from lake duty. Tiffany has been thinking about trying syncronized swimming.

Just lounging by the pool.

Belle is always thrilled when anyone will play with her.
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Playhouse (part 2)

This is getting lots of use.

Pure excitement!

Even Clara gets to enjoy it too.
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Playhouse (part 1)

We bought a big playhouse this summer and putting it together was a great (sarcastic) experience.

It almost killed Jarod how many pieces there were.

We tried to be organized.

Belle was thrilled even though it wasn't functional yet-she tried to make to work.

Finished product!
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Belle's new bed and Clara the crawler

A while ago we bought a cute bed on craigslist that I have wanted to redo for Belle. Here are the before pics:

And the after:

Its a pale yellow and turned out so cute. We also changed the headboard a little bit from the original so its a little more rounded on top. Jarod is the best to do the projects I pick out! Belle loves her new big girl bed!

Clara is a blankie girl. She will wrap herself up in her blanket as she rolls and crawls around.

Clara started crawling around 6 1/2 months. She does mostly an army crawl but recently she will prop herself up on her knees and start to rock a little too. She is getting fast, you will turn your head for a second and she will be across the room.
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Hanging Out

Clara is a big thumb sucker. She loves to hold her blanket and suck her thumb-its the cutest thing. She is so easy going and just happy all the time.


When Clara is tired she just rolls over and goes to sleep. She is thrilled when I put her in her bed when she is tired. She hardly makes a beep when going to sleep (so much the opposite of Belle). Clara is just such an easy baby!

Belle is loving being a big sister and has really stated growing up. She wants to do all the things big kids do and she is so excited to start pre-school and dance class this year! Some of the great things that have come out of her mouth lately are telling us she wants to marry daddy when she grows up and asking Jarod to teach her to shoot a gun.
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Summer 2013

Belle loved all the swimming time she got this summer.

She took 2 sessions of swim lessons this summer and loved it. It helped that she knew the instructor so well (Madison Petersen). She was very worried about putting her head back in the water to do a back float, she was so nervous that she would go under. By the end of the second session she was definitely doing better with and not as nervous. The last day of lessons they take the kids down the waterslide and Belle loved it so much!

Jarod's mom was visiting for a couple days and got to come to the first lesson.

John Deere had a fun day of getting trying out their gator vehicles (kind of like dune buggies). They were so fun. Kellie and I drove on together on the track they had built that had hills and jumps. John Deere also had little tractors for the kids to drive. Belle and Emma were in heaven!
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