Friday, April 2, 2010


This was in the hospital

I had such a hard time taking her picture like this because she would try to roll over as soon as I put her on her stomach. I wish my camera took pictures faster and better (don't know why its focused on the background in this picture?)

Isn't she the cutest thing. For some reason my camera also makes whatever is closest to the camera look huge-so her legs look big (and blurry-boooo) but they really aren't that big compared to her head.

This was right after we gave her a bath-she loves taking a bath, and after we rub lotion all over her and she loves that too.

We wanted to take some family pictures with Belle and so we took some after church a couple weeks ago (the ones with all of us aren't the greatest-but oh well). This was the best picture in the bunch. Thanks to Tiffany (my sis) who took them for me. Hopefully we will get some good pictures of us all dressed up at the wedding next week.
Belle is getting cuter all the time. She smiles like crazy and has started to really be chatty. She will talk and coo to you for several minutes. She has started to be able to hang on to toys just a little bit and she stares at her hands too. She is starting to get a lot chunkier too. She fits into her 3 month clothes really well and has almost outgrown her 0-3 month sleepers and will be wearing 3-6 month sizes soon.