Monday, May 21, 2012

Hot Weather & Our Deck

We had a couple of days of recording breaking heat this month (90 & 93) so of course Belle was thrilled when I told her I would get her pool out.  She lived in her swimsuit for 2 days.  

She didn't like how cold it was at first.

We are loving our deck.  We used a little bit last year since it was done about halfway through the summer but we are really been enjoying having it during this spring.  Belle wants to play outside all the time and its so nice to have a place for her to play since we still don't have grass. She has a slide, picnic table, and sometimes a pool all on the deck for her.

Belle has started to want to dress-up.  She opens her closet and pulls dresses down and wants me to put them on her.  Here is one of her favorite things-a tutu and mom's shoes (she loves to put on other peoples shoes-its so funny).

Apple Blossom Parade

We went to the Appleblossom parade in Wenatchee 2 weeks ago.  I have been going to the parade for almost my entire life, its a fun family tradition.  We always go to the parade and than have a picnic. Here are Jarod and Belle hanging out watching the parade.

Belle loved playing at the park we had out picnic at.  She would hardly eat anything cause she just wanted to go and play.


We went to the Shriner's Circus that was traveling through Moses Lake a couple weeks ago.  It was such a great circus (it was fairly small in size but it definitely was worth the money).

Waiting for the circus to begin.  Belle threw up in the car about 30 minutes before going into the circus and we had to wipe her and her seat all down and run into Walmart to get her some extra clothes. She was fine the rest of the night-don't know if she was carsick or what?

The hula hoop lady-she was very entertaining.

These were sisters I think (maybe even twins). They did several different stunts and the last one was the lowest girl was holding on with her teeth.

This little boy was so cute and amazing.  He was balancing on all of these rolls and skateboards with no one hanging onto him.

The elephants were the finale. They did a lot of tricks.   

It was so fun and Belle really liked it.  There were motorcycle tricks, horses, dogs, acrobats, elephants, and clowns. Such a fun night as a family.