Monday, July 28, 2008

Washington and a Baby Shower!

The first week of July we went to Washington to see Scott Yeates return from his mission to South Africa. If we ever figure out how to add video to our blog we will add the video of us at the airport picking him up. Seeing Scott and all of the rest of my family and most of my extended family (on my mom's side) was so much fun. We love being home on the farm and Jarod thinks its fun to change the wheel-line, he volunteered several times to help Brett with this task. We ate, swam, ate some more, had some hayrides and boatrides, and spent many hours talking. SO FUN! Kellie was kind enough to throw a Baby Shower for me with all Quincy and Moses Lake women. She made the cutest invitations and had a whole Ladybug theme to everything. It was so cute! Since our little one's bedding is ladybug Kellie thought it would make a great theme so everything was red and black and super cute. We had wonderful food, also planned and prepared by Kellie. We had California Citrus Salad, BBQ Chicken Pizzas, 2 kinds of spinach dip, veggies, bread, and some wonderful blondie sundaes drenched in a maple sauce, YUM! We played a couple of games and opened some wonderful gifts. Everyone was so generous with their sweet baby clothes and blankets. Our child is never going to run out of things to wear! I can't thank Kellie enough for all the work she put into the party-she is such a great sister!

After visiting my family we went to Spokane and Chewelah to visit Jarod's family. We got to see our sweet little niece for the first time, Elle. She can scream and squeal louder than anything I have ever heard-I am surprised no windows have broken yet. Everyone was very excited to see us and it was great catching up with everyone. Jim and Jess are expecting to have baby #2 today so we hope all goes well with that-we are thinking about you! We also stopped by to say hi to Jarod's best friend's family, Don and Jodi Norris (we had to dodge a fire to see them but it was worth it). We love visiting family and wish we could do it more often! Hopefully we will see everyone not too long after the baby comes!!!

Terrible Painters

Jarod and I have been ripping our house apart to re-do some of the rooms. We are working on the Master Bedroom right now while we stay in the other bedroom. Once our room is done we will move and than work on the 2nd bedroom that will be the office/baby's room. I would post pictures of our remodeling but since we took everything out of the room, including our computer, I don't have a way to get our pictures on here (I am writing this from my work computer). We ripped off all of the mouldings (they had about 5 layers of horrible paint on them) and we are painting all of the walls than we will put up new mouldings, even some crown moulding-ooohhhhh! Well, we finally got to painting Saturday evening and thought we were doing a great job. It went pretty fast since we didn't have to tape anything off with the mouldings gone. come to find out once the paint dried we had terrible spots everywhere that we missed. As we painted we were so careful and were constantly looking for drips and spots that we missed but apparently we are not good at that. Tonight we will be re-painting our walls and hopefully a second coat will do it!