Monday, June 21, 2010

Jarod Got A Job!!!

Jarod started his new job today. We are excited for it. He will be the marketing coordinator at Northland Communications in Moses Lake (so that means we are staying in Quincy!). This is what Jarod has been looking for. He will help direct their marketing efforts, work on market research, and also train and supervise their sales team. He is so excited to finally have a job doing what he wants to do and what his degree is in. He worked so hard and for so long to find a job like this and we can hardly contain our excitement. Jarod has also decided to pursue his MBA. He is working on applying to WSU and studying for his GMAT exam that he is taking next month.

Here is Belle with Jarod on her first 4-wheeler ride. As you can see she isn't that impressed.

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More pictures

Belle is getting so big lately. At her 4 month appt. she was 12 lbs 2.5 oz and 23 in long. She is now in the 25 percentile for weight so she is getting bigger! She rolls all over to find toys or whatever else may be nearby. She can laugh and giggle like crazy-she thinks her parents are the funniest people ever. Here she is with Grandpa Carl. They had matching outfits for church so we took some pictures. I made her the little purple dress and flower a couple weeks ago (its really a tank top for summer but it was a little long so she wore it as a dress first). I made a matching flower for me too that I wore on my purple sweater.

Tiffany was the Valedictorian for Quincy this year (there were actually 3 kids that all were Co-Valedictorian). She gave a great speech at graduation. She is off to BYU in Utah this fall and we are so sad she is leaving :(
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Belle's Blessing Day

Belle was blessed on May 2. We had a lot of family come for that day. All of my sibling were able to be there. Bart's family (my brother) came since we found an incredible deal on airfare for the weekend. Janet (Jarod's mom), Aaron (Jarod'sbrother), and Jim's family (Jarod's brother) were able to come too. We are so grateful to everyone for making this a special day and travelling far just to be with us. She was so sweet and cute on that day (during church anyway). I am so glad we were able to get some pictures because she really wasn't too happy.
My mom made her blessing dress. It was beautiful with layers and layers of sheer fabric and lace. She stayed up until 4 am the night before to finish it up-what a great grandma!
Belle was somewhat content if we let her chew on the ribbons and lace.
Sweet baby and daddy. Jarod gave Belle a beautiful blessing. I am so glad I have an amazing husband who is able to do that for his children.
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Scott and Kylie's Wedding

We are so happy for Scott and Kylie (don't they look so cute with all the kids).
Belle eventually went to sleep (after much fussing, eating, spitting up all over her and me-thank goodness you couldn't tell)
Belle is frowning a little bit but I great family picture.
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She looks a little bit less upset in this photo.
All the Yeates kids.
And the whole Yeates fam!
I definitely have the cutest, sweetest baby girl!
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So much to catch up on!

Jarod has become a farm boy! Here is the group of guys that took on the task of making the young bulls we had into steers (hopefully everyone knows what that entails so i don't have to explain it). We even invited the missionaries over to help so they could tell their families all about life on the farm.

My adorable sister, Tiffany, all ready for prom. Her dress was gorgeous and so was she!
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