Monday, April 5, 2010


Here is Belle on Easter morning with her basket from the Easter Bunny. She was very excited if you can't tell.

She got a lot of cute board books-including Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit and a Little Mermaid bathtub book. She also got a cute huge chick!

She thought the chick was great and even grabbed it for the picture.

These are the candy Easter Eggs that my family makes every year. My Grandma Winder (Maxine, for who Hope is named after) made these every year and they have continued to be a tradition in our family. My mom said the family has been making them for about 40 years! We made four kinds this year: coconut, chocolate, chocolate with pecans, and peanut butter. Tiffany and Jarod worked hard at making the flowers and carrots, each one represents a certain flavor so you can tell them apart. They are so yummy and it always makes me think of my grandmother when we make them.