Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Belle Marie Rollins

Belle Marie Rollins was born on January 11, 2010 at 8:12 pm. She was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long. Things didn't go according to plan on January 6th so we were sent home to try again another day (my body was just not ready for labor). On Monday morning we checked in and hooked me up to Pitocin a little after 12 pm and Belle came that evening. Everything went well with the delivery and the baby and Tanya are doing great. We are home now and loving our little girl!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Checking In!

Jarod and I will be checking in to the hospital tonight in only a couple more hours. I am so ready to have this baby and I can hardly believe that it is here. The last few days have been really hard, emotionally and physically. It will be great to be in the hospital getting monitored and know that our girl is ok. They will give me some prostaglandin gel tonight that will help to soften and dilate me more and than tomorrow morning they will start pitocin. The doctors told me that sometimes the gel is all that is needed to kick start a women into labor so we will see what happens-maybe I won't need pitocin (but I am not betting on that yet). If things go well and I progress well with the pitocin than hopefully it won't be too far into the day before we have a screaming and wiggling little girl in our arms. We are so appreciative of everyone's thoughts and prayers, we are reminded daily how many people think about us and our little family-thank you. We will post soon with some pictures and let everyone see our beautiful new girl!


Jarod and I had a great Christmas. We have been able to spend a lot of time together since Jarod is waiting to hear when the project his company is working on with start back up again. I got a cute bench to put by my front door and store shoes and misc things in (mostly Jarod's construction stuff). Jarod got me some dance classes for us to attend together (I have been trying to convince him for a while that we should take some classes together) and he also framed a canvas picture we bought on our cruise in Jamaica (it turned out great and we will probably put it above our bed). My parents and I went in on a present together for Jarod and got him a shotgun. He has been wanting one for a while to go shooting with (he isn't a big hunter but he loves shooting clay pigeons and such). He is so excited about it and can't wait to take a group of friends out and see how it works. We got a few other things here and there that are great (gift card to Cheesecake Factory thanks to Jarod's parents-yum!!!). We got some games too and spent a good portion of the week just having fun together. Hope everyone else had a great Christmas like we did.

Grandma Thoris French

Jarod's grandmother, Thoris French, passed away last week. She was 88 years old and lived a great life. She was diagnosed with cancer throughout her body and she decided it was time to go and barely a week went by before she was gone. We are all grateful that she did not have to stay and suffer long with her diagnosis because of how painful it could have been, but we are sad to have her gone. Grandma was alone for a long time (over 15 years without grandpa) and we know they are so happy to be together again. I am a little jealous that she gets to be with my baby Hope so much sooner than me but I am happy she is there with her. Grandma was a great example to all of her family. She talked often of her mission that Grandpa and her served in Washington DC at the temple and how wonderful that service was. We will miss her but are so glad that she is reunited with grandpa and all her family that has passed on.