Thursday, September 25, 2008

Little Kitty

I found this cute little kitty costume at Walmart the other night and had to buy it for our little one. She is going to be the cutest thing in this! Jarod and I have finally finished our bedroom (I will take some pictures of the finished product and add them on here). We moved everything into our room and have proceeded to take apart the next room. We painted the closet and its all done so we moved all kinds of things into it, thankfully! Our piles of things in the living are shrinking! We are going to be painting the walls in the baby's room next than work on all the moldings. Jarod has been so swamped trying to finish up his calculus class that ends in about a week so not much is going to be happening until that is done. We did move the cradle into our room so whenever our bundle of joy decides to arrive she has a place to sleep for now! I have been going to the Dr.'s weekly now but not much to report there-they keep telling me first time moms on average are 6 days late. So we will see when she arrives-its a guessing game! Its nice that the weather has been cooler-I love fall. HAPPY FALL!