Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow & New Bed

With the cold weather and snow coming (we got some last night!) we have been trying to find all of our snow clothes.  I got Belle some snow pants at the end of last year on clearance for this year and they fit great, a little wide in the legs but all snow pants are.  She thought they were funny when we tried them on.  She looks like a puffy little pink and red marshmallow.

Jarod has been working so hard at building a bed for us.  We have only ever had a metal bed frame for our bed and a couple of months ago we took our queen mattress back to Costco since it was sagging after only 3 years on a 10 year warranty and bought a new king sized memory foam mattress.  We have loved the new mattress but its made to be a platform bed so it has just been on the floor for the last few months.  I found a great tutorial for a farmhouse bed and both Jarod and I loved the style.  Find the tutorial HERE.  It was a little time consuming but it turned out fantastic.  Its a little rustic and is really solid.  We modified the plans a little to our liking and the size we needed (our footboard is a little taller than the original but I wanted it above the mattress not below like in the plans).  We painted it the same white we are planning to paint all the moldings in our house and gave it a couple coats of a super nice clear coat to protect it for the next 100 years!  We are slowly (and I mean slowly-like a 5-10 year plan) remodeling our house.  Eventually we are going to have bigger, nicer moldings that are white, new carpet, and different colored walls.  We are also moving the master closet around and there will be a door to the closet off of the right wall in the photo below.  We have a couple of unfinished nightstands we are adding trim to and painting to match the bed but it will be a while before those are ready. Jarod did such a great job, right!

Books & Halloween

Belle loves to read books.  She will spend long periods of time in her room going through all the books on her shelves.  One day she was being quite reading her books and I went to check on her to discover that she was lining all the books up after she read them on the floor.  They were all across the whole floor and she had them all organized neatly.

Belle got to dress up a lot this year.  We went to a Halloween party at Bart & Kellie's house and she wore her fairy costume from last year.  The next day was our ward Trunk or Treat and she decided instead she wanted to wear her ballerina costsume. She also wore it on Halloween.

We went trick or treating downtown for the first part of Halloween night.  Belle was really nervous about all the kids and people everywhere.  She finally wanted Jarod to pick her up and she just hugged him and buried her face in his neck.  It was so cute but sad that she was nervous.  I think all the costumes were confusing and making her unsure.  After a few minutes she was fine and was loving all the candy she got.